Technical features

N ° 4 swivel wheels with parking brake
Strapping cycles 1.7 sec.
Mechanical control of the tensioning force with friction clutch
Min tension 8 Kg max. 45 Kg
Usable strap width: (6,9,12,15 mm)
Internal diameter of the strap reel 200 or 280 mm
Power supply 230 V 50 Hz
Max power installed 0.8 Kw
Net weight of strapping machine 80 Kg


Particularly suitable for solving the problems of packaging boxes or similar products. Allows you to strap packages of variable size with extreme practicality. The constructive simplicity and the great reliability offer the maximum guarantee of operation. The strap is welded by melting it by means of a hot blade whose adjustable temperature is kept constant by a thermoregulator. Adjustable tension by mechanical clutch and pre-launch of the strap programmable by potentiometer.