Technical features

Weight: approx. 4.2 Kg including battery
Operation: 1 lever for recovery and tension, 1 button for welding
Strap tension: Up to 240 Kg (2400N)
Max tensioning speed: 270 mm / sec.
Strap welding: Vibration
Welding resistance: 80-85% of the resistance of the strap used
Adjustments: Vibration time "welding"

Usable strapping

- Polypropylene or polyester
- width: 9 mm
- 16 with conversion kit
- PP thickness: 0.55mm ~ 1.05mm
- PET thickness: 0.40mm ~ 1.05mm


- BOSCH lithium battery 14.4 V DC 2.6
- Charging duration about 350 cycles (with P.P. strap)
- Battery charger: Quick type


It performs tensioning, welding and strap cutting at the same time
Practical and easy to handle, only 4.2 kg
Independent of any fixed power supply. Equipped with 14.4v batteries
Adjustment and setting of tensioning and welding