Ripack 2500



SHRINK GUN RIPACK 2500 The lighest in its category

For regular shrink wrapping needs, the Ripack 2500 is the ideal tool for protecting your pallets. With adjustable power, it will adapt to the thickness of your films. Compact and light, the Ripack 2500 is equipped with “cold nozzle” technology for unparalleled safety. With its innovative quick and tool-free igniter change system, benefit from a reliable and robust shrink gun.These heat tools are used in many sectors such as industry, construction, food, transport / logistics …
Power 34 à 60 KW
Ergonomics Bi-material handle
Weight 940 g


Featuring a unique Securipack system, the Ripack 2500 shrink gun offers the highest level of safety for this type of tool.Our Securipack regulator guarantees your safety and constantly monitors the pressure in the gas cylinder and the pressure in your device. The detection of a fault causes the gas to be automatically cut off. In addition, it will automatically detect the pressure in the gas cylinder and can shut off the supply if it is not correct. Your product is protected from overheating without constraint for you or adding a pressure gauge
Securipack ensures the pressure in your gas hose is controlled, automatically cutting off the gas flow if the pipe gets broken. The Ripack 2500 is delivered with the « adjustable » version of our Securipack regulator. This feature allows you to set the power accordint to film thickness, during training sessions or shrink operations on small items. For larger project, set to its 60kW max. power. 

It automatically detects the pressure in your gas bottle to prevent overheating.
The stainless steel heat diffuser stays cold even when used for long periods (worldwide patent) preventing any risk of burns through direct contact with the nozzle.


The first target of our innovation teams is to provide you with a secure, reliable and easy-to-use device. The Ripack 2500 heat diffuser is unique compared to the competition and allows these 3 adjectives to be combined.The combustion nozzle or heat diffuser is designed not to overheat. Thanks to its patented “cold nozzle” technology, your Ripack 2500 does not heat up and protects you from the risk of burns after use or damage to the support on which you place your shrink gun. Competitor products have sometimes chosen to use a protective casing to keep the hand away from the flame or nozzles with materials or constructions that heat up during intense use.



Reliability comes from this unique construction which also sets us apart from other products on the market. Our own tests combine drops from heights on all sides of the product as well as continuous friction to reproduce the product’s life cycle. Your uses are numerous, harsh, indoors or outdoors, we must provide you with a reliable product, whatever the conditions of use.Finally, ease of use is a difficult aspect to achieve when you want to integrate many features. We thought of the Ripack 2500 simplicity as a support to our customers. The heat diffuser is a classic example of this strategy. Combined with its Securipack regulator, it does not heat up and this functionality is done automatically. No need to constantly check your pressure gauge, Securipack does it for you.Our heat diffuser delivers a constant, high-quality heating width. No peak heat or concentrated heating, our technology is uniquely developed for shrinking films. We do not develop torches or long flame tools and focus our developments on packaging, for the shrinkage of your films on pallets.




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