Macchina semiautomatica per la termoretrazione di pallet con due bruciatori



Rotating platform
The machine consists of a rotating platform and a column equipped with a mobile trolley on which the burners are mounted.

Pallet preparation
The operator prepares the pallet by putting on the polyethylene cap and places it on the machine platform.
At the start command, the platform rotates at an electronically adjustable speed; at the same time, the gas-powered burners light up, generating a flow of hot air which is directed onto the load by retracting it.

Shrink cycle
The shrinking cycle involves the rotation of the pallet with the simultaneous up and down movement of the burners. The burners have a length of 1400 mm.

The fuel is powered by gas, both LPG and methane gas.

To avoid burning of the film at the edges, or areas that are not retracted on the sides that are further away from the burners, they will move automatically, maintaining a constant distance between the pallet and the heat source. (option)

Uniform shrinking
An appropriate adjustment of the rotation speed of the platform, ascent / descent of the burners, the duration times of the functions and the distance of the burners, allows to perform a uniform heat-shrinking.

Control panel
The control panel is equipped with a touch screen operator panel, through which all adjustments can be made and a series of operating programs will be stored, according to the type of pallet. A customized operating cycle will correspond to each type of pallet.

Uneven loads
For particularly uneven loads it is possible to manage the approach of the two burners separately (option).


Pallet dimensions: 1200 x 1200
Maximum pallet height: 2000 mm
Pallet weight: 1500 Kg
Execution time: depending on the type of film, pallet height and fuel yield. For pallets H 1000, approximately 2-3 minutes
Power supply: LPG or methane gas
Gas pressure on supply: 50 ÷ 100 mbar
Burner capacity: 300 KW
Burner dimensions: 1400mm
Electric voltage: 230/400 V. three-phase + neutral
Electrical protection: IP54
Standard execution: EN 60204-1 - 2006/42 CE
Safety and protections: The machine must be protected by a perimeter net on 3 sides; the access side for pallet loading will be protected by safety light curtains


Rotating platform: Ø1700
Capacity: 1500Kg
Column height: 3385mm
Platform rotation speed: 1 - 4 rpm
Carriage up / down speed: 0 - 5m / min
Maximum load dimensions: 1200x1200mm
Power supply: 400V - 5 ° 230/400 V T + N
Installed electrical power: 300 Kw
Fuel supply pressure: From 50 to 100mbar
Nominal methane flow rate: 32 Nm3 / h
Estimated consumption per packaging cycle (methane): 1 Nm3
Nominal flow rate (LPG fuel): 12 Nm3 / h
Estimated consumption per packaging cycle (LPG): 0.4 Nm3
Types of packaging that can be produced: Sided with program stored in recipe
Fenced machine with protected access gate: Front

 La macchina prevede il sistema di pesatura integrato nella piattaforma.