Estebag Zero Plus


Macchina per imballaggio di pacchi e scatole




Semi-automatic machine for packaging boxes and parcels with stretch film.
The operator can choose between three types of wrapping cycles, Activation of the wrapping cycle via button and indexed stop position.

Frame produced in steel consisting of a resistant tubular structure and a cover of sheets that give shape to the machine.
The structure is designed to contain the stretch film reel, the extension system and the electrical panel.
Equipped with a film reel cover casing.
The steel structure guarantees a long duration of time and avoids breakage during transport.

Disc made of steel with a diameter of 690 mm covered in diamond rubber with a high coefficient of friction equipped with two pins, one fixed, with 3 basic positions, the other movable to allow the tightening of the luggage during wrapping.

Extension system
Film extension group with electromagnetic system, equipped with a rubber-coated roller and two idle rollers to increase the friction surface.
High adjustment range.
500mm and 750mm machinable film reels can be used

Electrical system
Inserted inside the machine in an IP65 case, it contains an inverter for adjusting the rotation of the platform and main features:
• Adjustment of the rotation speed of the baggage;
• Adjustment of the extension of the film;
• Cycle start command
• Selection of the type of cycle (3 + 3,4 + 4, demo);
• Cycle counter for windings carried out;

The operation of the machine is semi-automatic, the operator presses the start button, and the machine starts the cycle with the selected settings.
After rotating the pack by 90 °, the second part of the cycle is carried out.

Power supply voltage
230 V Single phase

Standard components
Bonfiglioli, Schneider, SKF, Regina, Sick, Camozzi, Lenze.

The machines are CE marked and comply with the following standards:
2006/42 / EEC Machinery Directive
2014/30 / UE Electromagnetic compatibility
2014/35 / UE Low voltage


Rotating platform diameter Ø 690mm
Capacity 100 Kg
Platform rotation speed 5 - 30 rpm
Power supply 230 V - 3A
Installed power 1Kw
Tensioning of the electromagnetic film
Film reel diameter Ø 250mm Max
Product dimensions 600x1000mm Max
Product height 750mm Max
Wrapping cycles 3 + 3/4 + 4 / Demo or customized