Our financial solutions

The operational rental of a machine allows you to have a fixed monthly cost quantified based on the type of machine and use.

The main advantages are:
- The risks deriving from the property remain the responsibility of the lessor.
- Budgeting of costs relating to goods.
- Payment of the financial and assistance fees in a single solution on a monthly basis.
- Increase in productivity thanks to the presence of goods in the company that are always efficient and in line with the increasingly innovative demands of the market.
- Less financial exposure.
- By resorting to operating leases as an alternative to direct purchase, the customer protects their cash flow from financial outlays not directly linked to production processes.
- Possibility of up-grades and add-ons, or of contractual changes in progress, for the replacement of assets in use or the extension of the same.
- Contracts include ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, delivery of the machine, training to personnel, optimization of material consumption.