POLYCOMM S.r.l was found on 1978 and has been among the first companies in Italy to build wrapping machines with stretching film.

The selection of products produced by POLYCOMM ranges from semiautomatic wrapping machine (rotating tables, rotating platform, wrappers) to entire line of transportation including robotic palletisers, weigthing systems and labeling. We are placed among the best constructors of machinary in the industrial automation, transportation and wrapping systems for all kind of product and industry.

The value of a company is based on the goals set and reached. We set high expectation goals and we try to keep the level of efficency. This is the reason POLYCOMM adopts the philosophy to build always customized machines according to the costumer's need with the highest level of quality and reliability.

POLYCOMM s.r.l is a very good supplier of product for wrapping. During the many years we've selected the best products like boxes made of corrugated board, pressed cardboard corner, stretch film, shrinking film and adhesive tapes.